Tuesday, October 2nd, 2002

Originally I had a separate "studies" section which I'd intended to update once a month or once a quarter to talk about my classes, but I never really got into doing that. I decided to get rid of that section, and I've moved the few entries I had there into the blog section. This entry was from October 2002 (no date).

I have to say that COM200 is extremely boring. If you've taken ENG102, you should already know everything you need to know about comma splices, MLA style rules and doing research for a paper. Incredibly, between you and I, there are people in COM200 who don't know that or why "between you and I" is wrong. Thank God that this class is only once a week.

The textbook we're using, the Bedford Introduction to Literature, has a web site. ENG250, which will be ENG300 after this quarter, is fairly interesting, but I must say that I'm not really a major poetry fan, although I suppose I'm more of one than I was before this quarter.

Short-story writing has been fun. I don't think I'll plan on a career as a writer just yet, but I have been pretty pleased with at least one story I've written so far.

I'm continuing to enjoy learning German. It's a mentally challenging class. I need lots more practice, but I'm getting better.

PLS200 is another class I'm glad to be taking in the evening, only once a week, not that it's extremely boring. On the contrary, Dr. Anderson is entertaining, especially since he's a Brit teaching us Americans about our own country. Still, taking five classes, being a TA, and tutoring means having once-a-week classes helps to keep things manageable.

Sunday, October 13th, 2002

http://crosscreek02.tripod.com Yesterday was the annual Cross Creek Church fall picnic. I took a lot of pictures. (They're on Tripod because there's a lot of them and I didn't want to use up my space.)

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