Sunday, February 1st, 2004
If you've ever chatted on, you know that one of the fascinating things to do, especially when conversation in the room is dead, is to look at the various member profiles. I've made it a little habit to save pictures that I like or find interesting, partly because people may change their pictures later and partly because sometimes people post adult pictures which you can't see later after marks them as adult.

This weekend I've been lying in bed, not feeling particularly well, and to distract myself I made this nifty collage of pics I've saved over the years from profiles of people who've visited's Dayton 1 room. Pretty nifty, isn't it?
Friday, February 6th, 2004
I read today on The Only Juan that Bob Taft, signing Ohio's DOMA into law, said that "it is important that our message be one of tolerance, free of prejudice."

Free of the prejudice that decided gay marriage is the end of civilization? One of the tolerance that decided even giving medical benefits to same sex partners of state employees is too tolerant?

It makes me wonder if Ohio's Log Cabin Republicans think they've had a success today in their goal "to remove hypocrisy and bigotry from the policies and structures of our party, our government, and our community." I'm guessing that'd be a no.
Friday, February 20th, 2004
Making a lemon tart Today was my turn to host my church dinner group, and Derek planned the menu and organized the cooking (I was sous chef). As you can see, making a lemon tart is fun. We took a break in the middle of cooking to go to Goodwill to get Derek a sweater -- do you like it?

As Julia Child says, you have to taste the wine before cooking with itAs Julia Child says, you have to taste the wine before cooking with it We follow Julia Child's advice when it comes to cooking with alcohol, which is that you taste the wine before using it, perhaps not a bad suggestion if you use better than $3 wine from Kroger.

Dark murky Guiness -- a tasty treat?Guiness'll knock you out I didn't take any pictures of our guests. It was a fairly quiet evening, and everyone was gone by 9 or so. Derek and I headed over to Stage Door to play some darts, and then, bored there, we headed up the street to Boston's, just in time for the Guiness toast. I declined a pint of Guiness on the grounds that I'm gay, earning me a laugh from the bartender and a punch in the shoulder from Derek. He had to prove his manliness and ordered a pint at the last minute. It took him a very long time to finish it, and he pulled a face after every sip. I did try one sip and vow that I'll never put Guiness in my mouth ever again.
Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week I co-facilitated another DDRR group, this time at Shook Construction. It's good to see companies want to do something about racism, and it's good to meet someplace which provides good food.
Saturday, February 28th, 2004
Have any of you heard of the antitrust lawsuit against producers of music CDs for their price fixing? Well it's too late now. I heard about it in time and signed up online to receive my share of the settlement. The check, for a grand total of $13.86, arrived today. I feel vindicated.
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