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I've always read. While growing up, reading was a refuge when I found life too unpleasant or stressful. Consequently I've bought a lot of books over time as well.

Now that I'm no longer in the rich corporate phase of my life I've rediscovered the library. Dayton's library may be maligned by some but is still a great resource. One type of book I like to read is gay fiction and I was surprised to see a lot of it in the Dayton library's catalog. Plus you can even ask them to buy particular titles, and they will!

Below you can see the five most recent books either that I'm reading or that I've acquired. You can search my books, or you can see all my books. Also my classes page has links back to this page for the books for each class.

Class: GER361

Title Author
2004-10-05 3150086426 Der arme Heinrich: Eine deutsche Sage Hauptmann, Gerhart GER361
  I only just got this German edition since the UD bookstore was late in ordering it. I'll write more later about it after I've read it.
2004-08-26 3150022533 Deutschland: ein Wintermärchen Heine, Heinrich GER361
  An opponent of the nationalism spreading throughout Germany, Heine got in trouble with Prussia, which was expanding its territory including into Heine's beloved Rhineland and which banned Heine's writings. Heine lived in exile in Paris so that he could continue to write freely, or at least fairly freely, since his publisher in Hamburg, a free city-state, still had to contend with censors. In 1843 Heine traveled to Hamburg to visit his publisher and his mother and the rest of his family and then through the Rhineland on his way back to France. In 1844 he wrote this epic poem about his travels, taking some liberties with the facts, for example, reversing the order of his travels and imagining conversations with a river (Father Rhine) and a long-dead emperor (Frederick I Barbarossa [red beard]). Along the way he manages to take funny potshots at his various enemies. (I also read an English translation that I found in the downtown Dayton library.)

(Wenn Sie Deutsch lesen können, können Sie dieses Buch online lesen.)
2004-08-26 3150052734 Urfaust Goethe, Johann Wolfgang GER361
  This is the version specified for class, chosen by Dr. Schellhammer because it is cheap. Intended for native German speakers, this edition has no notes or additional material apart from a brief Afterword. The version I found in UD's library is more user friendly for non-native speakers given its introduction, footnotes, glossary and appendices.
2004-08-23 Germany: A Winter's tale Heine, Heinrich (Herman Salinger, trans.) GER361
  I got this English translation from the downtown library. Maybe it's cheating to read a translation first, but the German version's not available at UD's bookstore yet, and classes haven't started yet. (I did finally get the German version.)
2004-08-23 1559701900 Life of Galileo / The Resistible Rise of ARturo Ui / The Caucasian Chalk Circle Brecht, Bertolt (John Willett, trans. - Galileo) GER361
  As with Germany: A Winter's Tale this is the English translation of a work I'll be reading in German for class. This is three of Bertolt Brecht's plays; "Galileo" is the one for school.

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