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I've always read. While growing up, reading was a refuge when I found life too unpleasant or stressful. Consequently I've bought a lot of books over time as well.

Now that I'm no longer in the rich corporate phase of my life I've rediscovered the library. Dayton's library may be maligned by some but is still a great resource. One type of book I like to read is gay fiction and I was surprised to see a lot of it in the Dayton library's catalog. Plus you can even ask them to buy particular titles, and they will!

Below you can see the five most recent books either that I'm reading or that I've acquired. You can search my books, or you can see all my books. Also my classes page has links back to this page for the books for each class.

Class: GER403

Title Author
2004-10-10 Adenauer: His Authorized Biography Weymar, Paul (trans. Peter De Mendelssohn) GER403
  This is the English translation of Paul Weymar's authorized biography of Konrad Adenauer. Dayton Metro Library had both versions in storage, but neither seems to looked upon as the best resource for Adenauer information any more as both versions are out of print.
2004-10-10 Das Adenauer Bildbuch Gruber, L. Fritz GER403
  This book is also no longer in print, which is rather a shame, as it's a nice tri-lingual (English, French and German) coffee table book with nice black and white photos of Adenauer's life up through the middle of his time as chancellor.
2004-10-10 085468039X Konrad Adenauer: 1876-1967 Prittie, Terence GER403
  Although the title on the dust jacket reads Adenauer: A Study in Fortitude, the title inside (and that corresponds with the book's Library of Congress number, 70-163245) is Konrad Adenauer: 1876-1967. At any rate, this is the book I used for my report, despite Prittie's accurately predicting that he was "still too close the Adenauer era to expect [that this book would become] 'the' definitive biography." Nevertheless I found this book enjoyable to read, and as it covered the Spiegel scandal and the last part of Adenauer's life, it was sufficient for me.
2004-10-10 Konrad Adenauer: die autorisierte Biographie Weymar, Paul GER403
  For my GER403 class, each of us had to select an appropriate topic (related to Germany and the Second World War or the Cold War) to report to the class on. I got Konrad Adenauer, the first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Dayton Metro Library has several books about Adenauer, including this one in German, which is the authorized biography written in 1955 during the peak of Adenauer's popularity. (If you want a copy and don't live in Dayton, you could order a used copy from amazon.de.) I also checked out the English translation, but I actually relied on a later biography for most of my report.
2004-10-10 0837185696 The Adenauer Era Hiscocks, Richard GER403
  Although I checked this book out too, I didn't actually end up even looking at it for my report on Konrad Adenauer.

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