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I've always read. While growing up, reading was a refuge when I found life too unpleasant or stressful. Consequently I've bought a lot of books over time as well.

Now that I'm no longer in the rich corporate phase of my life I've rediscovered the library. Dayton's library may be maligned by some but is still a great resource. One type of book I like to read is gay fiction and I was surprised to see a lot of it in the Dayton library's catalog. Plus you can even ask them to buy particular titles, and they will!

Below you can see the five most recent books either that I'm reading or that I've acquired. You can search my books, or you can see all my books. Also my classes page has links back to this page for the books for each class.

ISBN: 0316328847

Title Author
2007-03-13 0316328847 Help the Poor Struggler Grimes, Martha  
  Grimes' sixth Richard Jury novel introduces a new recurring character, chief superintendent Brian Macalvie, a rather gruff, hard-nosed detective who admires American movies and other things from the states and whose respect Jury manages to gain. Grimes gives us another kid for Jury, Plant et al. to interact with, this time Lady Jessica Allan-Ashcroft, and Grimes again gets confused with British titles, making Jessie's uncle-guardian merely The Hon. Robert Ashcroft instead of the successor to the title of his late brother, the Earl of Curlew, whose wife, strangely, apparently was not Countess of Curlew but rather Countess of Ashcroft. Oh well, I guess Americans aren't supposed to understand the peerage system, and those who do are overanalyzing Grimes' books, which are supposed to be (and are in fact) pleasant diversions.

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