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I've always read. While growing up, reading was a refuge when I found life too unpleasant or stressful. Consequently I've bought a lot of books over time as well.

Now that I'm no longer in the rich corporate phase of my life I've rediscovered the library. Dayton's library may be maligned by some but is still a great resource. One type of book I like to read is gay fiction and I was surprised to see a lot of it in the Dayton library's catalog. Plus you can even ask them to buy particular titles, and they will!

Below you can see the five most recent books either that I'm reading or that I've acquired. You can search my books, or you can see all my books. Also my classes page has links back to this page for the books for each class.

ISBN: 0716730901

Title Author
2004-01-31 0716730901 Why People Believe Weird Things Shermer, Michael  
  I read about this book somewhere (where, I don't remember now) and did what I often do when I read about an interesting book, which is to go to the Dayton Metro Library web site and reserve the book if they have it.

I don't always have time to read the books I put on hold, but yesterday and today I've been sick, so I read this one. A decent distraction but not surprising, explaining things such as how psychics work (something also covered by South Park), what evidence there is that the Holocaust really happened, and what evidence there is that evolution is a valid theory.

Perhaps the most interesting weird thing was Frank Tippler's idea that some future supercomputer will resurrect everyone who's ever lived. How on earth anyone would really believe it's possible to recreate the personality and memory of someone whose physical body was destroyed years (hundreds? thousands?) ago, I have no idea.

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