Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Inside the Boy Meets Boy program
is a stunning endorsement of ETC by none other than Lady Gaga.
I went last night to see Evolution Theatre Company’s revival of the play Boy Meets Boy and found it flawed but enjoyable. I wouldn’t be quite so harsh as Michael Grossberg was in his review of the play (“Cast fails to carry low-budget spoof”) in the Columbus Dispatch but do agree with much of his assessment.

As a musical the play would have been stronger with a cast more capable of singing—the ensemble numbers were the weakest part of the show. However, as Grossberg points out,
Talented opera singer Eric McKeever
Eric McKeever was a “notable exception;” he’s quite a good singer, as well he should be given that he works as an opera singer (read about his rather unconventional return to that career on his blog “Back in the Game”).

However, the play was still entertaining. It’s a riff on light-hearted 1930s comedies—think Philadelphia Story—combining a skewed theatrical view of “high society” with a love triangle starting out with person A engaged to person B and taking a convoluted path to realize that person A is really destined to be with person C. Only in this case person A isn’t a girl torn between two men but rather a boy.

English rose
Daniel Christian
The boy in this case is Guy Rose, played by Daniel Christian, and some suspension of disbelief is required in order to enjoy the play. Just as Clark Kent manages to keep everyone from realizing that he’s Superman by simply donning a pair of glasses, so too does Guy Rose manage to confuse his two suitors, Boston millionaire Clarence Cutler, played by Scott Risner, and world famous reporter Casey O’Brien (McKeever), who, believe it or not, after missing the scoop of Edward VIII abdicating the throne of England for Wallis Simpson, decides to cover the high society same sex wedding of Rose and Cutler. Yes, that’s right—this alternate reality 1936 England won’t stand for its king marrying a divorcée but fawns all over queer aristocrats marrying one another. Suspend your disbelief and enjoy the play anyway.

The funny
Scott Risner
Risner, who works outside the theatre world as a stand up comic and who went to Wright State University here in Dayton, brings some much needed comic relief to the play as the jilted lover scheming to keep Rose and O’Brien apart. His asides to the audience bring quite a bit of laughter.

No disrespect intended to Daniel Christian (considered mousey by O’Brien and Cutler if his hair was mussed and he wore the aforementioned glasses but found to be a stunningly beautiful “English rose” if he simply combed his hair and wore contacts), but frankly I found Adam Mesker
Go see Boy Meets Boy to see quite a lot more of Adam Mesker (in the end)
more attractive. Perhaps I was swayed by his revealing turn in the second act’s Folies de Paris scene, but I think any red-blooded 1930s gay guy who’d seen Mesker’s naked butt would have prefered he be the boy gotten in the end.

So, if you’re reading this before the play’s final showing on July 24, go see it and take Boy Meets Boy for what it is—some light-hearted fun for the gay guys. Overlook the weak singing (and enjoy McKeever’s talented singing), suspend disbelief (that you can bring cocktails into Studio One may help with that), and enjoy some gay comedy (and a view of a fine ass towards the end).

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004

You've missed it, and I almost did, catching Being Julia on its last day at the Neon. Based on a novel by Somerset Maugham the film gives Annette Bening a chance to shine, which she does, achieving a happier ending than does Bette Davis in All About Eve, the classic mentioned most in reviews of this movie. I did think Bening was fabulous (isn't that a typically gay adjective), but it wasn't she who caught my eye, nor was it her younger lover T O M (you have to see the film to catch that reference) played by Shaun Evans. No, it was another Tom, her son, a little hottie played by Tom Sturridge. There's a fun bit where he tells his mother about his having sex earlier that night for the first time ever, and he doesn't get what's so great about it. Perhaps it's just that he hasn't figured out yet, as Bening's older lover Lord Charles (played by Bruce Greenwood, who's pretty hot too) later confesses to her about himself, that he "plays for the other side."

Wednesday, November 10th, 2004

Gael García Bernal
I went to see The Motorcycle Diaries, mostly because I think Gael García Bernal is cute but partly for a class. There's an entry in my books section if you want to know what I thought. You can see the film yourself at Neon Movies for at least another week.
Monday, May 17th, 2004
Mondays are my long days since I have my observation at Stivers, followed by a class at Wright State (EDS333), followed by Dayton Gay Men's Chorus practice. Still on the way home I decided to stop by Neon Movies to see Latter Days.

  Some critics complain that Latter Days is just "an old and reliable screenplay formula" with two boys instead of a boy and a girl, that the film plays off gay stereotypes too much or that the two main stars are too buff and cute.

Well sometimes a gay guy can use a little buffness and cuteness, and Wes Ramsey and Steve Sandvoss certainly can provide that. The film is fairly predictable, but sometimes a gay guy just needs a happy ending in which the guy gets the guy. And sometimes a gay guy just needs to see some tight twink ass, and both Ramsey and Sandvoss can provide that as well, in abundance. Mmmm.
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