San Francisco:   9/24/06 Folsom Street Fair  9/25/06 Breakfast w/Derek on Twin Peaks

The highlight of my trip was visiting the world-renowned Folsom Street Fair, held in San Francisco's fine SoMa neighborhood and attracting people from all over the world who are into leather, latex or S&M or just want to see those who are. The weather was warmy and sunny for SF, perhaps enticing many of the participants into wearing less than they might otherwise wear (ha! people probably dress like this for Folsom even if it's only 40 degrees out). SF's finest were on hand, both to recruit (see, it's not just the gays who recruit) and to keep order, although keeping order on Folsom St. is a pretty laissez-faire operaiton.

Note to Mr. Pyle: Yes, some of these photos document the destructive behavior about which you worry so much, but notice that not all participants are homos!
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A fun thing about Folsom is that there are tons of guys walking around with all sorts of fun outfits.