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Cross Creek

A radically inclusive congregation I'm a member of Cross Creek Community Church, United Church of Christ, and have been since before it was officially a church.

To the right you can see a pic of our demolition crew from a few summers ago working at our new building. There are lots more Cross Creek photos in my online galleries.
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Don't I look butch in a hard hat?

Dayton Dialogue on Race Relations

DRRR logo I'm a facilitator for the Dayton Dialogue on Race Relations, a group founded several years ago to help black and white people not only meet and talk to one another but also work together to help reduce racism. If you're interested in participating in a dialogue group, call them at 228-7277 or e-mail me.

To the right you can see some of us at MLK march a couple years ago.
Upcoming dialogue groups:

Call 228-7277 to participate

Dayton Gay Men's Chorus

DRRR logo A couple years ago Dayton finally (again actually since there was at least one prior group, now defunct) got its own gay men's chorus (and this year it finally got its own web site), and I joined, not because I'm such a great singer, but because it's a lot of fun. I've met a lot of great guys here. During the season (September - June), we practice every Monday night at 7pm at Eternal Joy MCC, 2382 Kennedy Ave. If you're gay and can sing (or at least can fake it), come join us!

Singing in the Schuster Center Winter Garden for the Pride Dinner last year

The Oregon Historic District

I used to live in the Oregon Historic District. To the right you can see a pic of some of my neighbors and me on our bricks at Riverscape downtown. In my online galleries there are photos of the neighborhood from summer 2002 and of my house during its renovation in the early 1980s.

If you visit Riverscape, look for my brick among the other Oregon District ones