A day at Saturday, October 24th, 1998

We met at Bob Evans, well most of us did.
Some of us are early birds and had golfing dates.
The rest of us need some time to wake up.

Scott's boyfriend Pat

Scott's watch



Doug and Roger play at Bob Evans

Terry and Larry
We waited outside for Anthony and his crew to show up after their golf lesson. Luckily we had Bob Evans' Halloween decorations to rearrange for our amusement.
Let's go, boys.
Finally we got to Keeneland. There are lots of horses there, of course.
horse 1 horse 2 horse 3
horse 4 horse 5 horse and jockey
track track The track was pretty large and distant. Luckily we brought binoculars although you can't tell that from the pictures.

Pat, Scott, Roger, Doug
Chris, Anthony, Tom, Eric
Here's most of us in the stands. With betting and eating and drinking and people- (ok, guy-) watching to do, it's amazing we noticed the horses.
Pat, Scott, Roger, Doug
Chris, Anthony, Tom, Eric
Notice the pretty parasols at the edge of the grandstands? Next year, we want to get a box so we each can have a parasol.

Dunmanus Bay, before his victory
In the 9th race, this horse named Dunmanus Bay was the longshot bet. Scott picked him to win and horse 3 to place and won $285 in the exacta!
Scott, after his victory
After our exciting day at the races, we tailgated at Scott's car, waiting for traffic to clear. Then after we freshend up, we went to Ed and Fred's Desert Moon for dinner. Sorry, no pics, although we did manage to behave (at least most of us, most of the time).