Mazer Corporation

I once worked for the Mazer Corporation.

Some interesting Mazernalia:

My office phone on August 5, 1998
11/1/1999 telephone directory
HTML format
PDF format
Excel format

Meeting and other notes
10/27/1995 Memo about enhancements to be done to our job quoting/estimating system
12/11/1996 Excel workbook (here in HTML format) listing issues with Mazer’s move to 6680 Poe Avenue
3/8/1996 meeting on establishing Mazer’s first presence on the World Wide Web
2/1/1996 Mazer Moments article explainging how to send e-mail messages from cc:Mail to users on the Internet (ooh, ahh!) (PDF)
3/25/1995 Memo on our stupid LocalTalk network (PDF)

Floor plans

6680 Poe Avenue, 11/7/1996:

1st floor — larger (PDF)

2nd floor — larger (PDF)

3rd floor — larger (PDF)

4th floor — larger (PDF)

Inter-Departmental Mail envelopes

Before there was email, people sent memos on mail in envelopes such as these (click images for larger versions):