Dayton Gay Men's Chorus performance for PFLAG:   Dayton Pride Parade: June 5th, 2004  Dayton Pride Dinner: June 19th, 2004  CMC Dayton concert 12-04-04  PFLAG Dayton concert 12-14-04  DGMC Christmas concert 12-19-04  DGMC Christmas concert 12-10-06

Dayton PFLAG invited us to perform at their annual meeting at Cross Creek Community Church. During our practice beforehand, the famous gay DATV show Queeries was there to tape us (watch for us next Tuesday at 9:30pm). Everyone had a good time, including us DGMC members. You've got one more chance to see us this month. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version. Hover over a thumbnail to read the caption.

Fred, our managing director and a second tenor, standing before the cross