Sunday, January 8th, 2017

I’ve taken down my post about Nate Fisher, F & W Properties, and Park Layne Apartments, not because I believe I said anything false or defamatory but because I don’t have the energy to deal with a court case. If you want information about this subject, you’ll have to look elsewhere on the Internet.

Friday, August 3rd, 2007
This evening was my church council’s summer potluck. Food, of course, is important at churches, and our church is no exception. In fact, food’s so important that we’re putting together a 10th anniversary cookbook to collect recipes for the various good things we’ve had to eat over the life of the church. Since the council was gathering this evening to eat together, our cookbook coordinator had us prepare items from submitted recipes for testing and for photographing. I made Mexican deviled eggs.
My apartment building's little convenience store
Older expensive eggs
Newer cheaper eggs
Peeled eggs
Egg whites ready for filling
Egg yolks ready for mashing
Mexican deviled eggs

Texas sheet cake
The first thing to know about making deviled eggs, Mexican or otherwise, is how to make hard boiled eggs, and the first thing to know about making hard boiled eggs is not to use extremely fresh eggs because if you do, you’ll have a devil of a time peeling them. You want eggs that are at least a week old.

So you have to plan ahead a bit to make deviled eggs, and not having done so, I had no eggs on hand, week old or otherwise. But a great thing about the apartment building in which I live is that they have a little convenience store, and so yesterday (I did plan ahead a little) I was able to buy some old expensive eggs, $0.99 per half dozen, expiration date 8/3. Perfect age-wise, if not price-wise, because they were still fairly fresh but old enough to be easy to peel. I boiled them yesterday evening, gave them a quick cooldown afterwards under running cold water and then stuck them in the fridge to peel today.

I stopped by Krogers later yesterday evening to get some more eggs, not for this recipe but to have some more on hand and out of curiosity as to how old the other eggs were. The eggs I bought at Kroger had an expiration date of 8/21, about 2 1/2 weeks out, which means the eggs I bought at my building’s store had been sitting around about that long. Also, the Kroger eggs cost $0.99 per dozen, meaning my building’s store’s markup is 100%. Ah, well, you do have to pay for convenience.

Though I took some pics today at various stages in the preparation of my deviled eggs, I’m not going to give you the recipe — if you want that or the recipe for anything else you see, you’ll have to buy the cookbook. I will tell you that Mexican deviled eggs have salsa, mayonnaise, sour cream and cheddar cheese in them.
Tomatoes Southern-style
Macaroni of some sort
Spaghetti of some sort
Bean salad
Potatoes of some sort
Potatoes of another sort
Zuchini bread and two cooks

Sitting around talking after supperCatching bubblesBlowing bubbles
Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

"2" movies
Something fun about the apartment building I live in is that they have movie nights and games nights (ever play Pokeno?). Tonight was a movie night, featuring, as you can see from the flyer to the right, "2" movies, Bridge to Terebithia and Daddy's Little Girls. All the announcements at Park Layne are in this style, with creative uses of quotation marks and punctuation.

I don't usually participate in these group activities, but I did want to see Bridge to Terebithia, since I'd become familiar with the book when I took Adolescent Literature a few years ago. The movie's not typical Disney, staying fairly true to the book including a tragic event that was the point of the book's being written. A great story for helping kids learn that tragedy's part of life and that they can deal with it. Also a great story for teaching about foreshadowing. Disney even leaves in (somewhat shortened) a little lesson about Jesus and Biblical literalism, which I think would make this a great film for a youth group to watch and discuss.

I can't tell you whether "2" movies were actually screened (or if that "2" meant something else) because I didn't stay for the second one. Sorry.

While I'm on the subject of fun things about Park Layne, here's another, namely that the basement garages flood whenever there's any rain outside. Usually I just see the aftermath, but yesterday there was a downpour outside as I was leaving, and so I got to see that my garage floods not just because of seepage from the walls but even more so because of a big leak in the ceiling. You can't see the leak so well in these photos, but you can see the effect of the drips hitting the pond below the leak:
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